How to Spot a Fake Juicy Couture Handbag

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How to spot a Fake Juicy  Couture Bags

Trademark: Liz Claiborne

Have you ever wondered how those sellers on Ebay are getting away with selling authentic Juicy Couture handbags for well less than $50.00? Some sellers will even start the bids between 0.01 penny and 0.99. Well, most likely these bags are FAKE. Go with your instinct, if you think it is fake, it probably is. However not all sellers who start their listing at 0.99 penny are selling fake bags it could just be a selling Strategy always check their feedback first before bidding!!!

Sellers of FAKE Juicy Couture handbags and accessories will not take Pay Pal and credit cards.  So if something goes wrong with your purchase you are left with no protection either by Pay Pal or your credit card company.

Juicy Couture uses 100% cow hide leather which is very expensive and it’s almost impossible to make a bag for less than $50.00. What the bag is probably made from is PV, which is synthic leather otherwise known as FAKE LEATHER, this leather is hard, shiny, and the colour, and the leather will peel away after only a few uses.

Hardware on Juicy Couture handbags should not be the following:

  • Light weight
  • Shiny gold

Instead the hardware on your authentic Juicy Couture bag should be the following:

  • Heavy
  • Gold/Copper in colour
  • Engraved with the words “Juicy” as seen below.

If you have ever bought fake jewellery you will know what I am talking about. Fake jewellery usually has a very high sheen to it while the good quality jewellery has a copper/gold colour to it.

Personaly I would never buy a bag from a seller located on Ebay who is from China or Hong Kong. This is not to say that all bags from China and Hong Kong are FAKE but the probability that they are is pretty high. This leaves one problem, Juicy Couture is actually manufactured in China making this an even larger dilemma. China has been manufacturing these bags for some time now. I did not know this until I actually started selling them myself. Just look at the tag it will say made in China right on the back,but it will also say made with love in the USA. Even the official site for Juicy Couture states that it’s by Juicy Couture Imported, meaning that it comes from another country other than the USA. Most Juicy Couture products are made in the USA but loads of them are made in countries like China. My rule of thumb is know your seller, ask questions, and know your product. If it’s too good to be true it probably is.

  • AAA Quality: This means high quality FAKE bags. Don’t buy from someone who states that their bags are AAA Quality.

Well, after all of that how can I actually tell if a bag is FAKE or REAL?

Fake or Real How to tell the difference with Juicy Couture bags.

Heres what makes Juicy Bags REAL

  • Inside is made from cotton, it feels smooth and flexible.
  • Some bag allmost have a suede like bottom in the inside with the words LOVE P&G
  • New for 2006 the inside will read LOVE G&P instead of Love P&G.
  • J Heart shape is all leather, stiching on J heart is very detailed and it’s not stamped on.
  • Leather will never peel with normal care.
  • Leather is softer and thinner.
  • The words Hello, Juicy Kisses, etc., are embossed into the leather. You should be albe to feel the words in the leather.
  • Each metal stud that hold the handle on the bag have an engraving of some kind. For example you may see one or all of the following engravings: Heart, Juicy J, Crown, and Scottie Dog, there may be other engravings that I am not aware of but these are the ones that I see the most.
  • REAL Juicy Bags also have a Serial Number inside the main tag. The number is on a white piece of paper/fabric and is printed in black ink. Some fake bags will have this number inside however all bags may have the same number! So just because the bag has a number does not make it real! WATCH OUT, make sure you know your seller before you bid! If they have a history of neg’s from buyers about bags then don’t bid on the item

This is an example of a REAL what the embossed wording should look like. Notice how the words are embossed into the leather, instead of sitting on top where they would appear flat, and have no depth?

I have tried to show you a picture of one of the engravings however they are hard to photograph, I hope you get the idea.


Here’s what makes this bag FAKE:

  • Leather is lighter and shiny.
  • Leather is ruff and thicker.
  • J Heart shape is not all leather, the J detail and the stitching is poor.
  • Inside is made out of polyester it feel ruff, and stiff
  • Leather will start peeling afer only a few uses.
  • Won’t have engravings on metal
  • Won’t have embossed leather words in the bag
  • Will look cheap, fall apart fast, and the stiching will not be of any quality.
  • No serial number

Examples of J Hearts REAL V’s FAKE


Notice how the J stands out? And notice the stitching detail?


Notice the stitching detail of this pink heart? Also notice the colour of the leather it has a sheen to it which real leather does not. Also notice how the J is pulling away from the heart.

REAL Juicy Signature J heart with Metal Detailed zipper. Notice the difference with the signature J on the gold heart? Also notice the colour of the hardware, it’s not a cheap shiny gold like the other bags below. Also if you look closely at the hardware you will see that the zipper heart has the words Juicy written in the metal.

Examples of REAL and FAKE Juicy Couture Bags. Please note that none of these bags, or tracksuits are taken from any Ebay auctions. However some sellers on Ebay use these photos, if you see these photos the bags or tracksuits they are probably fake as all of the FAKE bags and tracksuits I have mentioned have come direct from a well known AAA Quality seller located in China.

FAKE Day Dreamer

Red Roses

This is new 2006 design for spring however Juicy Couture Day Dreamer like this it just depends which factory it is made in. Not all factories make the same items and each item will vary from factory to factory.  This photo was taken from a very well know AAA Quality FAKE Juicy Coutre website called Kingtide Bag Factory located in China. If you want the details of this website to confirm your suspicions on a bag please write me and I will  be happy to give it to you.

This bag looks authentic, however it is not! What makes it fake? Well, it comes from Tech Traders! Well know for selling FAKES! If you don’t believe me buy from them and get shut down by the trademark!

Look at the signature J, also the stitching quality is poor as well as the colour. This bag is not an official Juicy bag, it’s jut a really good fake.  This is another bag from the Kingtide bag factory.

I will be updating this as necessary. If a new Juicy bag comes out and there are new FAKES on the market I will alert you. Don’t let yourself be taken by a seller who does not care that they are selling FAKES.

The three rules of buying Juicy Couture

  1. Know your product
  2. Know your seller
  3. Ask question

I hope this buying guide has helped you spot FAKE and REAL Juicy Couture bags. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, you can also send me pictures and auctions listing of Juicy Couture bags and I will do my best to help you, however I cannot guarentee that I can help. If you want any information on any Juicy items, websites or just anything  just write me and I will be happy to help you.

Fake Juicy Couture Websites!!!! Buyers Beware!

Recently I have seen many sellers on Ebay use the following website photos for their auctions. All of these website’s sell FAKE JUICY COUTURE bags and you should steer clear of these wholesale sellers! Juicy Couture does not sell their bags factory direct! You can only get them from qualified retailers that approved by Juicy Couture.



  • Kingtide Bag Factor located in China is a common site for Ebayer’s who like to violate the trademark. They buy these bags for around $30-50 USD each and sell them for well over £50-100! The bags are AAA Quality Mirrors, also known as FAKES. If you want to waste your money buy one of these bags, you will notice the quality is very poor, and not the same as if you went to Harvey Nicks, or Bloomingdales.
  • Tech Traders has their website in Canada, their address for the business in the USA, and their main operation in China. The bags are not authorised for resale by the trademark Liz Claiborne. They are not authentic Juicy Couture bags, and products. Most of the items will arrive damaged, torn, poor quality and all items are FAKES! If you need proof that this company does not have the right to sell Juicy Couture please contact me through Ebay, allow me to see your e-mail address and I will be happy to forward the e-mail address of the trademark to you for you. Read the fine print! On the FAQ Section it states if you are NOT affiliated with Juicy, Burberry, or LV please do not access this site! That to me raises a few alarms, why would a site that sells designer items not allow these companies to access the site? Maybe because they know they are fakes?
There are NO WHOLESALERS OF JUICY COUTURE! Only RETAILERS! It is not possible to buy authentic Juicy Couture Handbags, and products from a qualified wholesaler because they are not sold at wholesale. Anything you buy from a wholesaler for Juicy Couture is FAKE!
I have discovered that many sellers of Juicy Couture don’t like what I am saying and think that it’s a load of B.S., which it’s not. I have even had people write me up claiming that they have bought authentic items from them, rubbish! Well, if you want to waste your money go ahead, but freedom of speech lets me tell you my experiences, and what I have learned from the trademark so others don’t make the same mistakes, and have their funds frozen. Okay, if you don’t like it contact me and I will forward you the e-mail address from the trademark and you will see for yourself that these sites don’t sell authentic Juicy Couture. At the end of the day the only person you are hurting is yourself because you will be the one with the Pay Pal complaints, and the frozen money not me!


Please let me assure you that Tech Traders IS NOT an authorised Juicy supplier. There are no authorised “suppliers”, only authorised “retailers”. A listing of retailers, both brick and mortar and online, can be found at
Trademark Protection, Liz Claiborne


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